Vasavi Academy of Education

Vasavi Academy of Education was established in 1981 by a few prominent members of the society under the stewardship of Sri Pendekanti Venkatasubbaiah an eminent social worker, an able administrator and former Governor of the States of Bihar and Karnataka with the laudable objective of providing quality education on non-commercial basis to all, particularly in the field of professional education. Sri Pendekanti Venkatasubbaiah served as Hon. Chief Patron of the Academy guiding its destiny and was indeed a friend, philospher and guide throughout his life.

Vasavi College of Music and Dance

Vasavi College of Music & Dance, sponsored by Vasavi Academy of Education was established on June 18th 1996 on the birthday of late Sri Pendekanti Venkata Subbaiah, former Union Minister of State for Home affairs and Governor of Bihar & Karnataka and was also the Honorary patron in chief of Vasavi Academy of Education, to develop and popularize the Classical Music.